Fire From Moonlight

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Descending huge chimney in Pitesti – YouTube

I only had to watch the first few minutes to freak out!

This Disgusting 6-Year-Old Happy Meal Will Make You Rethink What You Eat

Looks good enough to eat? – Crafted from the finest Internets.

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Aug(De)Mented Reality 4 – YouTube

Outlook Meeting Attendees In The Invite Body

Personally I do not like the way that Microsoft Outlook prints out meetings especially the fact that attendees are a comma separated list.
I prefer to see all the attendees as a tabular list – with their acceptance response so that I can tick them off as they join the meeting.

The following macro will do this for you.
NOTE 1 : this macro is amending the text of the body of the meeting invite, if you save this and send an update – everyone will see this. I prefer to just run the macro, print the meeting and then close without saving.
NOTE 2 : this is a one off snapshot of the attendee status, if further responses or updates are received you will have to delete the old text then re-run the macro.

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Excel – Split one cell to multiple rows

There are times when you have an excel sheet which has multiple lines of text in a single cell, which has been split using a carriage return. NOTE: I’m not talking about text which has wrapped due to the size or formatting of the cell.

If you need to separate the contents of this single cell, into one row per line then this is the macro for you. NOTE: This macro will insert rows into your sheet so you may have to “fix” the layout afterwards. Save your sheet before you run this just in case.

The first function processes the current cell – use this if you only have one cell which you want to split.

If you have multiple cells which you want to split out then there is a wrapper macro which will call this multiple times.

To use, simply highlight one or more cells and then run the appropriate macro.

Excel – Unfilter all sheets

There are times when you are using an Excel workbook and you simply want to search for some content but on one of the tables on one of the sheets the table which contains the data has been filtered. You can spend more time looking for and then removing the filter than you do in running the actual search.

This macro will remove all filters from your current workbook.

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Automatically file Outlook Sent Items to a folder

A commenter on one of my other macros requested this functionality.

Whenever you send an e-mail in Outlook have it prompt you if you want it filed in a folder other than the default Sent Items folder.
Here it is.

Two caveats:
I’m assuming that you are using the default Sent Items folder.
You will have to edit the code to point it to the folder you wish to use.

First you have to define the event handler to monitor your sent items folder.

Now you have to add a routine to handle it.

I have a “ToDo” folder in my Personal Folders mailbox (the leading underscores are simply to “help” the sorting in the default view.

It’s this arcFolder location that you will have to adjust to your own required location.


Someone Calculated How Much Money We’ve Fictionally Wasted Saving Matt Damon

I think it’s time to let Matt Damon die, y’all.

According to Quora user Kynan Eng‘s calculations, if all of Matt Damon’s characters were real, we would have already spent nearly a trillion dollars trying to save him:

Courage Under Fire (Gulf War 1 helicopter rescue): $300k
Saving Private Ryan (WW2 Europe search party): $100k
Titan AE (Earth evacuation spaceship): $200B
Syriana (Middle East private security return flight): $50k
Green Zone (US Army transport from Middle East): $50k
Elysium (Space station security deployment and damages): $100m
Interstellar (Interstellar spaceship): $500B
The Martian (Mars mission): $200B
TOTAL: $900B plus change

What is it about Matt Damon’s face that makes people want to keep him safe? Apparently his movies have only grossed $2.7B, so he’s not even close to pulling his own fake weight.

matt damon leave him there

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All I Wanted For Christmas Was The Internet

That’s seven days now with no internet connection. Phone is working fine but no broadband. :(

I waited in for two days last week for an OpenReach engineer to visit but no one turned up – apparently it was not necessary. Now they tell me it IS necessary but it will be next Wednesday (a full week after their original appointment) before they can come.

On the plus side – my mobile is also with Talk Talk and I can get the internet on that – but ….. I have just used my monthly allowance in the last seven days. Strangely Talk Talk “are not able to” offer me unlimited data or waive any addition data fees that I incur whilst I have no fixed line connection.

On the plus side Talk Talk have promised me compensation for every day without service. I’m wondering what price they will put on:

  • My children’s Christmas gifts not working.
  • No music.
  • No films.

I know that this is very much a first world problem – but you don’t realise how dependant you are on the internet until you don’t have it.