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Long Live The Tache


Since Christmas I have been sporting a new look – now it’s the time to announce why!

I have been raising money for various charities by running (I’m doing 4 marathons this year for MND Scotland) but I have finally found a way where your donations can impact ME as well as helping MND sufferers and their families in Scotland.

On Monday the 2nd of April my tache will be “born”.
I will keep my tache for as long as there are donations to support it.
My tache expects £10 per day – if the total raised is £100 then my tache will “live” until 10 days after the 2nd of April.
The more you give the longer it lives – once it’s gone it’s gone !

Thoughts On Getting “Old”

Since turning 40 (unbelievable I know) I have noticed a few changes:

We recently went shopping for a new sofa for the family room, to aid getting one the fitted I did a floor plan of the room in Visio.

I felt compelled to then do a plan of the whole house and garden!

I resisted!

I get annoyed by really trivial things:

I quite like (as an occasional treat) a Twix from the vending machine. It’s great because it’s chilled. But because it’s chilled it quite often breaks when it falls from the machine.

This really annoys me, even though I’m just going to bite it and chew it!

Calf Strain

After completing the 10K for MND I foolishly stopped my training.

I decided to restart it during the week, I stretched just as much as I normally did. I walked 5 times further for my warm up. I went for 1 mile: jog 4 walk 2. I had a long walk to warm down.

I still managed to pull my right calf !

This was something I had when i was training regularly, the only thing that helped was going for a weekly massage.

I have changed the way that I walk so that I am stretching my calfs more and I feel a twinge with every step, this is helping me slightly but not “fast” enough. I want to get back out and do more.

Any suggestions for “better” or “more appropriate” stretches that I should do?

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