100 Pushups – 6 Weeks To Christmas !

It’s funny how your mind works, someone told me today that there were only six weeks until Christmas and my initial thought was of the six week challenge to do 100 consecutive pushups !

One Hundred Pushups
One Hundred Pushups

I faltered previously at week fix then subsequent events have meant that I have not been in the mindset for restarting this.

Tonight I went back and restarted at week 3, level 2 …… and failed.

4 thoughts on “100 Pushups – 6 Weeks To Christmas !”

  1. just noticed your blog about the 100 pushups challenge. Did you eventually finish it? I did week1 and 2 on level one but then moved up to level 2 for Week 3. Week 3 should have been last week but it didn’t happen. I started this morning again on Week 3 level 2 and managed it (just).

  2. The best I have managed is week 4.
    I may take your comment as an incentive to restart.
    Now the marathon is out the way I’m focussing on strength work as well as running.
    It’ll be better for me in the long run!

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