WordPress 2.7 Upgrade Woes

As usual the WordPress upgrade was a flawless experience. It ran with no errors.
I’d love to say that my site is working perfectly, but it’s not.
I have this weird error where the visual editor does not work.
If I click on the “Visual” button, then the text editing box shrinks down until you cannot see it.
Click the HTML button, the same thing happens.
The only thing that I can get to work is; from the user settings, disable visual editing, then the HTML editor works as expected.


I used the wp-upgrade addin to automatically upgrade, no errors, but no visual editing.
I then did a fresh install, on the same host, using the same database, just with a different table prefix. Everything worked fine.
I then backed up all of my files, deleted the old site, copied the new one in it’s place. I then copied the relevant folders back from my old site, wp-content.
Same result, no visual editor.

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