Microsoft Office

How Annoying is the Microsoft At Home RSS Feed?

Microsoft At Home
I’m using Microsoft Outlook 2007 and I think it’s a great piece of software.
It has a built in RSS feed reader. Typically I use Google Reader but as that can’t handle authenticated feeds I’m using Outlook for all of my work related Sharepoint feeds.
In order to introduce people to RSS, Microsoft have included two “standard” RSS feeds: “Microsoft At Home” and “Microsoft At Work”.
The only problem is, I’m not really interested in reading these feeds.


Dell Tech Support Woes

I bought a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 in October directly from Dell via the Dell Outlet.
After the usual few days it took to get all the service packs and fixes etc onto it I noticed that the screen resolution was incorrect. The screen has a maximum physical resolution of 1024×600. The properties only listed 1024×768.
When you used the laptop you were missing the bottom 168 pixels worth of screen. The desktop did not scroll. It was still usable, press the start button on the keyboard and the menu appeared, you just couldn’t see the task bar.
If I used the screen magnifier and dragged the mouse off the bottom of the screen, the magnifier showed me the area off the bottom of the screen (the missing 168 pixels worth).

Uncategorized – Stock Issues
I ordered a DVD for my wife for Christmas in December. I have used Play before and have never had any issues.
This time, the DVD did not arrive.
I had to wait 21 days before I could claim a replacement.
Cue no DVD for my better half !
After 21 days, without any quibbles Play agreed to ship a replacement.
Unfortunately, the DVD was not out of stock. I received an e-mail on 7th January to inform me of this.
To date I have still not received the DVD.