11 Secrets of Highly Persuasive Speakers

A highly persuasive speaker targets to steer the audience to accomplish an explicit action or convert the audience to adopt…

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Smartest Teacher Ever Threatens Unruly Pupils with Game of Thrones Spoilers

joffrey baratheonIn my day, if you misbehaved in school it was an hour in the thumbscrews or lunchtime on the rack. These days, teachers dishing out the discipline have to be a bit more creative. One French maths teacher knew exactly how to hit disruptive students where it hurt — with Game of Thrones spoilers. The […]

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I recently stumbled across this IndieWebCamp site and I love the concepts that they are describing. Basically, you own your own content and then share it out. As I previously described in How I Make Social Media Work For Me the heart of my infrastructure was actually Google Plus and TwitterFeed to make it all connect.

I’m now going to try and make this blog the heart of this infrastructure.

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Electric Man

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