New photo set on Flickr – parkrun-StrathclydePark-20140517

New photo set parkrun-StrathclydePark-20140517 –
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Format Date in DOS Command Line

For any dos batch files that I run on a regular basis I commonly want to create a folder or a text file with the current date in the file name. I’m a purist and I like my dates formatted as YYYYMMDD so that an alphabetic sort is also chronological.

The following script will place the current date into a variable in the required format.

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Get Cooking with Fitbit and IFTTT for a Chance to Win!

Ever want a little nudge if you haven’t hit your steps goal, like an SMS reminder? Or perhaps you’d like your Fitbit stats logged in a Google spreadsheet? Well, now you can! Just activate the Fitbit Channel on IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT is a service that lets you create “if this then that” […]

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Woman Completely Transforms Her Face with Makeup

makeupmadnessMeet makeup artist Elsa Rhae. Also known as a White Walker. Or Captain Planet. Or the Grinch. Or anybody, really. Rhae can transform her face into pretty much anything in the world because she’s simply incredible at what she does. She uses make up and face paint to bring characters to life in the real […]

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Favourite video A Turn in the Road by TheIllusioncontest


11 Things About Email You Might Not Know That Are Making You Awkward

Are you aware of your email manners? Are you sure you’re not doing anything awkward when sending emails? Wait But Why has…

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Favourite video Falcon’s Fury POV Drop ride-through at Busch Gardens Tampa by Attractions Magazine