Daily Email Summary of your Google Calendar Events

What’s the agenda for today? The Google Script will send you a daily email digest of all the events that are scheduled for today. The email includes the event’s title and the start and end dates but you can extend it to include the event’s location, description and other details. [crayon-54bbbe321fd08434167807/]

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Brilliant Teacher Finds a Sneaky Way to Teach Kids How to Properly Use Condoms, Because in Mississippi That’s Illegal

Via Twenty Two Words:

A Mississippi law passed in 2012 restricted teachers from teaching condom use in sex ed classes. In response, educator and education reform advocate Sanford Johnson developed a simple (and pretty funny) workaround.

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"Oh, you're using their Chrome APP, not their Chrome EXTENSION. They're very similar but one handles window creation differently." is a thing I hope I can stop saying soon.

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