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How Old Are My Google Contacts?

It may be a sign of old age but, I’m struggling more and more to remember how old people are. I have addressed this by having a review of my Google contact data and making sure, where I know someone’s birthday I have recorded it there.

This has the added advantage of creating a Google calendar showing me their birthdays.

I have now created a script which scans my contacts to find their birthdays, does some arithmetic to work out their age and store this in a custom field. I have set up a trigger to run this once a week.

Here is the script that I created:


Rodeo Treefrog Takes on Giant Rhinoceros Beetle in Stunning Photo

rode-treefrogAn ickle Reinwardt’s tree frog hitches a rodeo ride on the back of a hulking rhinoceros beetle, in this perfectly captured photo from Indonesian wildlife photographer Hendy MP. Check out the rest of his stunning work at the source. [Hendy MP / 500px]

from Gizmodo UK