An Amazing View of ISS Crossing the Sun During an Eclipse 

s--EB9IuzLP--Photographer Thierry Legault shot what may be the coolest view yet of yesterday’s solar eclipse: the International Space Station’s weird little silhouette flying across a thin sliver of visible sun. Read More >>

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Scan Images Into Text with Google Keep’s OCR Feature

Scan Images Into Text with Google Keep's OCR Feature

Web: If you’re a regular Google Keep user, you might have missed a (relatively) new feature in the app. If you paste an image into a note, Google lets you convert the image into editable text.

Open the note with the image and click the three dot overflow menu button. Pick "Grab image text" and the text from that image shows up underneath it on that same note. The OCR engine needs an internet connection to do its magic, but it works quite well.

Five Powerful Google Keep Features You Should Start Using | OMG! Chrome!

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