Outlook Meeting Attendees In The Invite Body

Personally I do not like the way that Microsoft Outlook prints out meetings especially the fact that attendees are a comma separated list.
I prefer to see all the attendees as a tabular list – with their acceptance response so that I can tick them off as they join the meeting.

The following macro will do this for you.
NOTE 1 : this macro is amending the text of the body of the meeting invite, if you save this and send an update – everyone will see this. I prefer to just run the macro, print the meeting and then close without saving.
NOTE 2 : this is a one off snapshot of the attendee status, if further responses or updates are received you will have to delete the old text then re-run the macro.

Create the following macro (Alt+F11)

You can then run this macro when you have a meeting open – I have added the macro to the toolbar for ease of access.

3 thoughts on “Outlook Meeting Attendees In The Invite Body”

  1. Very nice!

    This makes checking off the people attending large meetings easier.

    Is there a macro to convert the highlighted list into a table, using the : as the column delimiter? 🙂

    I could record the Macro I guess, and see if that works.

  2. OK can’t record macros it seems in Outlook, but I did find this as a starting point and customized it a little for my preferences.
    Highlight the list of invitees and then use this macro:

    Sub Convert_Text_To_Table()

    Dim oDoc As Word.Document

    Dim oInspector As Outlook.Inspector

    Dim oSelection As Word.Range

    Set oInspector = Application.ActiveInspector

    Set oDoc = oInspector.WordEditor

    Set oSelection = oDoc.Application.Selection.Range

    oSelection.ConvertToTable , , , , wdTableFormatGrid1

    Set oSelection = Nothing

    Set oDoc = Nothing

    Set oInspector = Nothing

    End Sub

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