Homemade Hoverbike – YouTube

I want one of these (and better life insurance) !!!


Will you be here tomorrow? Do NOT watch if you are squeamish!

#loveparkrun – creating a healthier and happier planet

We believe that by breaking down barriers to participation and making regular physical activity free, fun and sociable we can make a difference.

Source: #loveparkrun – creating a healthier and happier planet

Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse – YouTube

Too Funny !

New Mountain Coaster – The Pipe – YouTube

Hourglass For Tea – A New Take

Green tea, black tea, white tea: with the Paradox TEA timer, preparing tea is transformed into an individual moment that makes steeping time fly by thanks to the paradox flow of the granulate – from the bottom up.


I bought one of these last week and it’s truly mesmerising – I will quite often just flip it over even when I don’t have tea in the pot (yea right).

New photo set on Flickr – parkrun-StrathclydePark-20160402

New photo set parkrun-StrathclydePark-20160402 –
from Flickr http://ift.tt/1VjAOBs