Something In The Sky?

I was just grabbing some photos of the sky to get some textures etc.

I never spotted it but Elaine says she can see something in this photo – can you?


8 thoughts on “Something In The Sky?”

  1. My first thought was a spider, it’s abdomen nearer the top part of the picture and some legs coming out of it. Then after moving my head up and down a bit I see a young blonde girl with ponytails, and she clearly has two circular eyes and a white line as a smile. She looks like she could be a ballerina, complete with tutu. Her right arm is in the air too. Don’t know what the oval spaceship thing is on the right. It doesn’t fit in. Actually now I look at it again, she is in the Olympics and it’s a tambourine thing she is using on one of the gymnastic floor dances. …….or is that just me?

  2. I think I need to increase my “medication” – I still only see clouds!
    Although I did “kind of” understand the comment about a skull once she pointed it out to me (just right of centre at the top)

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