The longest 200m. #parkrun #setup #strathclyde

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#parkrun course setup.

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Things That Annoy Me – Scottish Children’s Lottery

After all of these years I’ve never heard of anyone actually winning a Scottish child!

Pitlochry Trip

I plan to start sharing either photos that I have found and really interest me (more likely) or photos that I have taken in a given week.

Last weekend we went on a trip to Pitlochry, here are some of my photos:


Gadgets And Gizmos – Fitbit Strap

My previous Fitbit, a charge HR developed a problem with the strap; it started to come apart. Rather than complain I thought it would be a great opportunity to upgrade to a Charge 2.

After several months, the strap on this has started to peel apart. [insert photos here]. Fitbit support were fantastic and sent out a replacement strap which arrived in two days.

However, in researching this it seems that this is a fairly common problem and most people recommend getting s third party watch strap.

I decided to go for this strap.

It is similar to the strap I use on my favourite watch, but more importantly I think that it completely changes the look of the tracker.

The best thing? The strap cost £12 from Amazon and came the next day.

I’d watch this film !


Site – Glasgow Live

I do just about all of my web reading via Feedly rather than visiting sites directly.

I thought I’d share here some sites that have caught my attention and have made it onto or off of my Feedly subscription list.

Glasgow Live

This came to my attention as my Android phone Google Now page kept linking to articles on it. I especially like the Life & Style and the Food & Drink sections – I’m not sure what that says about me !

Black Water

Tree to Chair in one video

Really interesting seeing the skills and techniques.

Trees not really turning yet.

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