Genius – Star Wars Speeders

The Wirecutter

This is one of the better review sites out there.

Not just a review of a single item – they pick a category and then select items in that category and then narrow down until they find a winner. They explain the process and their finding along the way.

It is a US based site so all of the links tend to go to but there have only been a couple of times I have not found what I have been looking for on the site.

Some examples of categories would be:

Fitness Trackers

Carry On Luggage

Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Drone at Gatwick

An amazing infographic – really highlights how busy the airport is – and how fragile it is.


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The Best Worst Programming Tutorial

I’ve watched through some pretty awful programming tutorials. As a developer someday we may inevitably strive to create one of our own. To make it easy I’ve amassed 10 tips to create the best worst programming tutorials.

from Pocket

Hilarious New Irn Bru Advert


Halloween Decorations

I would have done something like this but …..

Things That Annoy Me – I’m not easily annoyed!

For the last month or so I have allocated a “category” to each day and done my best to schedule in advance a post in that category.

I thought that I was getting more “Victor Meldrew” in my old age and getting annoyed by trivial daily occurrences. When it came to actually documenting them – I’m coming up dry. I’m obviously much more placid than I thought I was.

So – you may know me better than I know myself – what topic of posts would you like to see from me on a Friday going forwards?

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Scott Firestone: Chicago Street Photographer

Scott Firestone is a hobby photographer from Chicago who was recently selected as a finalist in the 2017 EyeEm Photography Awards, the largest photo contest in the world. We asked Scott to share a few words about his photography and the city he loves to photograph.

from Pocket

Flickr Photographer – Matthew Nuttall

I just recently discovered this photographer via a forum at work. He has some stunning nature photos and my personal favourite – black and white urban landscapes.


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No Such Thing As A Fish

Not strictly a site this week but more accurately a podcast.

This weekly podcast is hosted by the researchers behind the TV show QI where they discuss (in a hilarious manner) the latest facts that they have unearthed.

This is my favourite podcast and always jumps to the top of the queue as soon as it’s released.

They are also doing a series of live shows, I saw them last time in the Oran Mor, next year it’s the Citizens theatre in Glasgow.

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