Pocket Square Holder

I have previously tried wearing a pocket square but, being a bit of a perfectionist, I was never happy that it would sit “just right” all day long – especially when I take my jacket on and off throughout the day.

Then I stumbled upon this pocket square holder on Amazon. It works a treat, you fold your square to the pattern you want, put it in the holder then put the holder in your pocket. The clasp is a bit tight, this may loosen off over time but better to be too tight than too loose.


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Amazing Drone Video

I didn’t know that drones could do some of thee moves, let alone so quickly or so precise.

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New Phone – Easy Setup

I treated myself to a new phone recently. I’ve always been a fan of android phones as the majority of the data Mail, Contacts, Calendar etc is all held by Google and synchronised to each phone automatically.

With the new Pixel2 phone Google has introduced a new setup process where you simply connect the two phones via a USB cable and 5 minutes later all of your apps and data are copied across.


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Flickr Photographer – Thomas Hawk

Another of my favourite photographers from Flickr – Thomas Hawk. He has a very eclectic style and rarely disappoints.



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Elasticated Lens Cap Keeper

Another photography related gadget. Historically I used only my Nikon DSLR an in all the years I used it I never lost a lens cap.

Since switching to the Olympus Pen-F I have lost three lens caps in 6 months. Rather than continually buy new lens caps I went for a lens cap keeper. It detracts a bit from the looks of the camera, and I’m not keen on having the cap swinging around but ……

Basically there is a circular disk that is permanently stuck on your lens cap and an elasticated loop that you can attach to something. I have it attached to the camera strap loop but I suppose you could put it around your wrist etc (if you remember).

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Krebs On Security

Yes I’m a geek, I like to know how things work. I also know that the best way to understand things is to look at them when they are broken.

Brian’s site Krebs On Security gives a detailed view of any security issues are are prevalent. I don’t pretend to understand all the details but I at least like to understand that “something” is happening!


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Traditional Longbow Creation

I love watching a craftsman doing their work.

Watch out for the cheeky “3 years later” in the video.

Falls off Clyde

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Scotrail – Smartcard

When you go to London, they have an Oyster card, which allows contactless swiping onto and off of all public transport. You can even simply use your contactless debit card.

In Scotland, Scotrail have a “smartcard” whit you can used in the same way as an Oyster card – except it only works on Scotrail trains, not on any of the other train operating companies on the network.

So although I have a fancy card – I have never used it as I use a CrossCountry train in the morning so I have to have an old-fashioned paper ticket 🙁


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