Flickr – Scotland Black & White

OK – Its a Yahoo site (read shocking attitude to security) is is still one of the best (in my opinion) photo sites.

One of the Flickr groups that I love is Scotland Black and White.

A couple of my favourites from the group at the moment are:

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Tile Tracker

Such a simple device – the Tile Tracker.

This is a small bluetooth tracker which you can attach to your keys/bag/camera/car etc. This is then paired with an app on your phone to use your GPS and record it’s location.

If you can’t find your tile, you fire up the app and make your tile make a noise. If you lose your phone, you can press the button on your tile to make your phone make a noise (even if it’s on silent).

What if you loose your item and tile further away – out of range of your phone? As soon as ANY tile user gets within range of your tile – it’s location will be recorded.

Cool Tools

As you will see from my Gadgets and Gizmos posts I do like a good tool that does it’s job well. One of the sites I use for ideas is Cool Tools. It is fairly US centric but everything from the site that has taken my eye I have managed to find a UK equivalent of.

Next on my list from this site will probably be one of these:

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Bent Objects – How it’s done !

One of my favourite sites is Bent Objects where you can see various hilarious still life images such as:

Has released a video that shows the process behind creating one of these “simple” photos. It’s truly fascinating to watch!

QuickQuid – Financial Crime?

I don’t know if you have seen the QuickQuid advert for short term payday loans. The premise is – some unexpected condition crops up, time stops, they consider what to do, then get a loan.

In this advert the car breaks down, time stops, he grabs someone else’s phone and fires up the QuickQuid app.

Identity theft ?

Favourite Photos – John Farnan

I really like the photos that John Farnan creates.

Some of my favourites are:

A river runs through





Liked the video Shiny by Daniel Cloud Campos


Commit Strip Comic

This web comic – Commit Strip┬áis mostly IT focused but I love it.

A bit like Dilbert it captures the humor of the industry perfectly.

Earplugs – Flare Audio – Isolate

I have tried a variety of earplugs – I still use cheap foam ones for sleeping on occasion but they are not great for prolonged daily use.

I found these originally on a kickstarter site but these are now my go to earplugs for concerts, noisy environments or work.

Flare Isolate

Wonder Woman Theme Tune – Overview

I loved this explanation of the musical development within Wonder Woman.