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Ross Goodman here. How do you write this page without it sounding like either a CV or a lonely hearts advertisment?

Well, I’m not looking for a new job, I’m quite happy working as a Principal Consultant for the Glasgow based company The Eclectic Group, a Business Intelligence consultancy.

I’m happily married to Elaine with three kids; Emma, Sarah and Connor.

The White Tower 3

My hobbies are Photography (Nikon D50) and flying sport (two and four line trick) kites. More on these later !

I can be contacted at Ross@RossXGoodman.com unfortunately I’ll have to ask you to manually remove the X half way through the address to prove you are not sending me SPAM.

I forgot to list my IM addresses, again, please remove the obvious “X” from the address:









My current customer blocks IM traffic so I am not often online during the day, but if you see me, give me a shout!

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  1. ross – haven’t spoken in a while but i am inquiring about selling the domain again? Any interest?

  2. Hey Ross, Just came across your site while researching a feature for a Client – came across the Track Changes blog for Webi. Great stuff! I wish I had the time and persistance to share my knowledge in the same way.

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