Photo of my wife topless

First time trying a photosphere

Hint: she’s standing in front of the mirror.

The luddite is leaving the building !

Despite my working in IT and also “enjoying” technology, our kids being typical kids and having a PC each and an unstoppable curiosity, Elaine has never shared our passion.

Last week Elaine tore the ligaments in her left foot so has not been able to hit the shops at all and has been forced to stay at home with her feetĀ  up. Over the space of that week she did her first Asda shop online.

Last night, with no prompting Elaine had the laptop out and was shopping unaided !

The coup de grace was the next question:

How to I get the BBC iPlayer on the Wii to work again !

My Latest Toy

I treated myself to a new toy for my camera.


Cactus Wireless Triggers

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