New Lawnmower

I can’t wait for this to be back in stock. I’m assuming for £15,099.99 it includes a gardener to come and do my garden at the same time!

Searched for a petrol lawnmower – this was out of stock – at least they are suggesting comparable products:

  • Mole Traps
  • Pocker Deck Shuffler
  • Handrails
  • Water Filters

Amazing Archery

Commit Strip Comic

This web comic – Commit Strip is mostly IT focused but I love it.

A bit like Dilbert it captures the humor of the industry perfectly.

Wonder Woman Theme Tune – Overview

I loved this explanation of the musical development within Wonder Woman.

Things That Annoy Me – Scottish Children’s Lottery

After all of these years I’ve never heard of anyone actually winning a Scottish child!

Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction Comparison

WOW – obvious with hindsight!

The Magic iPod – Music MashUp

I’m absolutely loving this site at the moment:

Take some of your favourite tunes and create a mash up – just drag and drop!

Secret World of Stuff

YouTube playlist – Birthday Number Ones

I decided to create a playlist that contained all of the number ones from my birthday over the years:

Some Good – Some Not So Good

What would your’s look like?

Time To Chill

Run done – check.
Breakfast eaten – check.
Spot by the pool – you tell me?