XI 3.0 – New Features – Publisher

One of the major features being “re-introduced” to the XI product family is Publishing.

This gives you the ability to write a single report, that runs a single query but sends a different “version” of the report to each user.

This is only scraping the surface of the full Publisher functionality, lets have a look at houw you can create your first user targeted publications.

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Lessons Learned

When in doubt, don’t fiddle.

I “forgot” the admin password for my Business Objects XI 3.0 (Demo) environment.

Some searching turned up a “hack” that would resolve this, which involves deleting data from the repository database. One quick delete later and my installation is broken.

Of course if this was in the “real world”

  • I would have a backup Admin user.
  • All my passwords would be stored in my KeyPass database.
  • Before modifying the database I would have taken a backup.

No worries, I just did an uninstall and re-install – a couple of hours work, but it is work I didn’t have to redo.

Lesson Learned – Treat even your demo system like production!

100 Pushups – Take 2

One Hundred Pushups

OK This one really didn’t get a chance.

The week I started, I ended up being away from home, then had a stressfull week following that.

I’m starting this again today. Even if I just continually do week one, it will still do me good, right!

Completed day one : Target = 28 Actual = 30 (but I’m sore already !)

Emma is on Flickr

Emmas Flowers

Emma has finally gotten around to registering on Flickr after years of me harrassing her to!

She has uploaded some of the photos that she took for her photographic exhibition, have a look by clicking on the photo above.

Larkhall Orange Order Procession / March 5th July 2008


Marching season is upon us. This year it was Larkhall’s honour to host a large procession.

It was intermittently rainy but there were smiles everywhere. Quite a bit of staggering as well as the marching ! I never saw any trouble or raised voices.

The police were out in force, I saw a few discrete conversations, but on they whole the police seemed to be in a fairly jovial mood too.

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Calf Strain

After completing the 10K for MND I foolishly stopped my training.

I decided to restart it during the week, I stretched just as much as I normally did. I walked 5 times further for my warm up. I went for 1 mile: jog 4 walk 2. I had a long walk to warm down.

I still managed to pull my right calf !

This was something I had when i was training regularly, the only thing that helped was going for a weekly massage.

I have changed the way that I walk so that I am stretching my calfs more and I feel a twinge with every step, this is helping me slightly but not “fast” enough. I want to get back out and do more.

Any suggestions for “better” or “more appropriate” stretches that I should do?

My Camera Has Developed A Fault


See the two red dots and the red line?

I’m currently investigating camera repair shops 🙁

My camera is out of warranty.

School Prize Giving


Both Emma and Sarah were recently recognised for their hard work at school.

They make me so proud!

Exhaustion Is

  • Falling asleep and no one can wake you.
  • Sitting on the edge of your daughters bed and falling asleep sitting up.
  • Keeling over onto the floor and falling asleep.
  • Waking up, not knowing what day it is; and not caring.
  • Trying to do 100 pushups; getting into position and falling asleep.
  • Making a cup of tea for the caffeine hit and falling asleep before the kettle is boiled.
  • Stopping at the motorway services for a snooze on the way home from work.

Quote Of The Week

Thanks, thats “exactly” what we asked for, but “this” is what we want !