Photography In Glasgow

Emma and Sarah were at the Girls Aloud concert at the SECC on Thursday night.

Rather than go home then come back again to collect them I decided to wander around with my camera.

I’m noticing a theme emerging with my photos:


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Emley Moor Tower


I recently was fortunate enough to be doing some work for Arqiva on a day that they were doing maintenance up the tower and I got the chance to tag along.

The Emley Moor tower at 330 meters is the UK’s tallest free standing structure. On the inside is a ladder running all the way to the top with 865 rungs, I counted them all on the way up (kidding !) The lift takes just over seven minutes to get to the top.

The viewing deck is 275.3 meters up, the foundations are 6.1 meters deep. 7,000 cubic meters of concrete were used and the structure weighs 11,200 tonnes.

Upgraded To 2.5.1

I know that you can’t really tell by looking at it but I upgraded my WordPress installation to version 2.5.1 over the weekend. I used the excellent Automatic upgrade plugin as found here:

I had no problems with the upgrade process at all.

The onmy thing that I have noticed is that the OpenID plugin has stopped working, I’m the only one using it at the moment so I have disabled it for the moment until I get a chance to investigate it.

In creating this post I have noticed that my Flickr and Photo Dropper plugins are also not working. 🙁

My First Marathon

Acording to my training plan here I have just finished my first marathon!

I did it in a time of 5 hours 28 minutes.

OK, in actual fact it took me 41 days, but it is a milestone !

New Personal Best ! — 4 Miles

Creative Commons License photo credit: Carmelo Aquilina

That is most definitely the furthest and fastest I have ever travelled by foot in the last decade !

OK, it was my slowest speed to date, but I’m not to concerned about speed just now.

My goal is to finish the 10K in 4 weeks time; gulp, I can’t believe it’s so soon !

If I could maintain my current 13minute mile I should come in under 1 hour 20 minutes, lets set that as a goal !

Emma On Real Radio

Real Radio

My daughter; Emma Goodman was on Real Radio last weekend.

I have removed the mp3 of her appearance as the size of it has exceeded my sites bandwidth allowance. If you woul like a copy, pleas contact me and I will send it to you.

New Training Partner

Sarah Goodman, my 13 year old daughter decided to join me on my run tonight.

She did great, she did’nt slow me down any. I am keeping track of my training in a Google spreadsheet here.

We are in training for our upcoming fundraising events.

See the widgets on the right if you would like to donate.

Scary Traffic Levels

Creative Commons License photo credit: pbo31

I recieved an e-mail from PlusNet the other day informing me that my site had exceeded it’s traffic allocation.

I should have known better, I had not even investigated what the limit was until that point!

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Financial Statement

As you may have read in a previous post here the company I work for was sold by Glen Group to Maxima at the beginning of the year.

As I had shares in Eclectic, these were transferred into Glen Group shares. Unfortunately, as the purchase was a cash deal, I did not get Maxima shares but am left with Glen shares. As such I still get copies of the annual financial statement. Imagine my surprise to read on the front page.

Eclectic was the biggest company in the group and sat at the heart of the business in terms of turnover and profit. However, Eclectic performed below expectations, particularly in the second half, and when the opportuity arose we elected to dispose of Eclectic and inGroup and completed the sale in early January 2008.

Nothing “too” bad there.

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Real Time Stalking



I rarely “surf” to random sites any more, any site that wants my attention must have an RSS feed that I can put into Google Reader.


I am intrigued by the social networking sites, a few are listed here. LinkedIn is one that I can see the point of.

LinkedIn have recently introduced an RSS feed for my network updates, so it ticks both boxes. What’s the downside? I’m not sure what it is. It could be that LinkedIn is a work/professional focussed network rather than personal. It could be the immediacy of the updates from my colleagues. It’s strange but I feel crossed between a stalker and a voyeur in a way that I just don’t get from feeds from other sites.

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