Smartest Teacher Ever Threatens Unruly Pupils with Game of Thrones Spoilers

joffrey baratheonIn my day, if you misbehaved in school it was an hour in the thumbscrews or lunchtime on the rack. These days, teachers dishing out the discipline have to be a bit more creative. One French maths teacher knew exactly how to hit disruptive students where it hurt — with Game of Thrones spoilers. The […]

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Electric Man

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No is a subset of yes?

No is a subset of yes?

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10 Wrong Ways Your Company Is Measuring Productivity

Does your company know who gets the work done? I mean, really does the work. Not talks about it. Brags about it. Or in some cases, even lies about it. I am talking about actually delivering tangible results. How does your company measure productivity? Productivity: You’re Measuring It Wrong In the hasty pursuit of goals, […]

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Social Media – How I Make It Work

Social Media – there are so many sites out there all wanting my input.
There are so many other web sites that produce content that want me to read their content.

You can see what my plumbing looks like here.

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