Google Alerts – Forgot I had this

A long time ago I set up a google alert which allows you to have a persistent google search running and it will ping you when it finds anything.
Of course the first thing that anyone puts in is their own name 😉

I get a lot of false positives as there are a lot of great “Ross Goodman”s out there but I got a ping last week that looked interesting :

It’s about Glasgow so it’s not one of my foreign doppelgangers but what do I have to do with climate change? Turns out it’s:

I took this photo ages ago and it got picked up by WikiMedia under Creative Commons.

Just goes to show – it’s good to publish and give permission for folks to use your photos!
Which reminds me – I have completely changes my workflow and I need to get some photos uploaded !

Bird Silhouette

One of those shots that was just taken at the right time!


Lightroom Weirdness – Panoramas

I know there have not been a lot of posts recently but I have been doing a lot of learning and processing in Lightroom from my recent holiday.

I have just spotted an interesting bug / feature when creating panoramas.

I shoot in raw & jpg – both with the same resolution.
I have just had a couple of scenarios where, when I create the panorama from the raw files it creates OK. If I create from the jpg files it does not give me the full width.

It is not a size limit – I have created MUCH bigger panoramas than these.
I’m assuming it’s not a problem with the contents not merging as the raws worked but the JPGs didn’t.


Spot The Difference

9 Tips for Learning How to See in Monochrome

There is a certain subtle elegance about monochrome (often referred to as black and white) images. Removing color changes the focus of the image to the subject matter, the tones, textures, shadows and highlights.

from Pocket

Scott Firestone: Chicago Street Photographer

Scott Firestone is a hobby photographer from Chicago who was recently selected as a finalist in the 2017 EyeEm Photography Awards, the largest photo contest in the world. We asked Scott to share a few words about his photography and the city he loves to photograph.

from Pocket

Flickr Photographer – Matthew Nuttall

I just recently discovered this photographer via a forum at work. He has some stunning nature photos and my personal favourite – black and white urban landscapes.


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Flickr Photographer – Thomas Hawk

Another of my favourite photographers from Flickr – Thomas Hawk. He has a very eclectic style and rarely disappoints.



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Elasticated Lens Cap Keeper

Another photography related gadget. Historically I used only my Nikon DSLR an in all the years I used it I never lost a lens cap.

Since switching to the Olympus Pen-F I have lost three lens caps in 6 months. Rather than continually buy new lens caps I went for a lens cap keeper. It detracts a bit from the looks of the camera, and I’m not keen on having the cap swinging around but ……

Basically there is a circular disk that is permanently stuck on your lens cap and an elasticated loop that you can attach to something. I have it attached to the camera strap loop but I suppose you could put it around your wrist etc (if you remember).

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Flickr – Scotland Black & White

OK – Its a Yahoo site (read shocking attitude to security) is is still one of the best (in my opinion) photo sites.

One of the Flickr groups that I love is Scotland Black and White.

A couple of my favourites from the group at the moment are:

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Pitlochry Trip

I plan to start sharing either photos that I have found and really interest me (more likely) or photos that I have taken in a given week.

Last weekend we went on a trip to Pitlochry, here are some of my photos: