New Year – New Fitness Regime

No New Years Resolutions, just a revisiting of the fitness regime I started last year.
It’s late so just a quick update.
I have started week 1 of both One Hundred PushUps and Two Hundred SitUps.
I have also had my first jog in over four months. I went back to my patented “lamp-post method”: jog for one lamp-post, walk for one. I managed to complete a mile in 20 minutes. I have suddenly remembered how much I love being out in the middle of the night. Watching a fox hunt in the field beside the road before I start.
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100 Pushups – 6 Weeks To Christmas !

It’s funny how your mind works, someone told me today that there were only six weeks until Christmas and my initial thought was of the six week challenge to do 100 consecutive pushups !

One Hundred Pushups
One Hundred Pushups

I faltered previously at week fix then subsequent events have meant that I have not been in the mindset for restarting this.

Tonight I went back and restarted at week 3, level 2 …… and failed.

100 Pushups – Week 3 = :(

One Hundred Pushups
One Hundred Pushups

Ended week 2 on a high ! Target was 124 pushups in the week and I managed 144, what a buzz.

My first exhaustion test got me 6 pushups. My second one at the weekend I managed 21 but that was a real struggle. I may have undone myself, this just pushed me into the second tier of effort.

The last set from last week was a total of 46, I managed 54.

The first set of this week the target was 83 (20, 15, 15, 13, >20) I only managed 77 (20, 15, 15, 13, 14). Still a personal best though !

I will persevere with the rest of the week, but I will have to repeat week three :(.

100 Pushups – Week 1

One Hundred Pushups

That’s week one finished, OK it was a day later than planned but I was wiped out last night.

Target for week one was 104 pushups, I managed 114. At the start of the week in my exhaustion test I managed 7 pressups, I finished this set with 15 !

Roll on next week !

100 Pushups – Take 2

One Hundred Pushups

OK This one really didn’t get a chance.

The week I started, I ended up being away from home, then had a stressfull week following that.

I’m starting this again today. Even if I just continually do week one, it will still do me good, right!

Completed day one : Target = 28 Actual = 30 (but I’m sore already !)

100 Pushups

One Hundred Pushups

I first read about this on JD’s Get Fit Slowly blog, I’m up for it !

The target is, after 6 weeks I should be able to do 100 push-ups.

First day is today!