I Am a Math Master!

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Would You Swim Across This Pool Bridge Joining the Top of Two Skyscrapers Together?

bridgeBeing a huge fan of pools I can’t believe I missed this 50-metre-long swimmable bridge between two condo towers in Singapore. Living at the 574-apartment, 38-story-tall Sky Habitat would be my idea of hell, but I’d love to have a friend there to enjoy that roof and swim through that bridge. The mixed-use building is […]

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The Comfy Cubicle

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Boris Bus Backdoors Closed for Business Due to People’s Stupidity

new-routemaster-doorsThe open rear ends of London’s new red buses are being closed off on many runs, due to the fact that people have somehow grown more stupid in the last 10 years and can’t be trusted not to fall out of a moving bus while staring at the fruit they’re organising on their telephone. The […]

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The Flow Chart of Awesome

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3 Running Mantras That Work Every Time

3 Running Mantras That Work Every Time

05/08/2014 – 1:35pm by The Greatist Team

It’s that time. Your body has fully sunk into the couch, the sky is gloomy, and your sneakers are all the way across the room. Why go for a run when you can stay just as you are, comfy as can be, binge watching the latest TV craze (Game of Thrones, anyone?) or pinning endless food porn?

We’ve all been there. And we all know what it takes to rise above—whether that means leaving the couch behind or pushing through a mid-run plateau. For some, tasty workout fuel will do the trick. For others, it’s all about that running playlist. But no matter your style, it never hurts to have a few go-to running mantras.

Here are three awesome motivational quotes to get you started, straight from readers just like you!

Run fast, run slow, run far, run close. Just run.


Inspiration: It’s my running mantra. Whenever I run, wherever I run, it’s what keeps me going. It reminds me when I’m lazy, at my best, or recovering from an injury, that running is a gift—a gift that no one can take away from me but my own self.

Why I run: Running is a way to escape my everyday thoughts and troubles. When I run, I feel my imagination running free and I no longer feel the need to try control myself or anyone else. You can be whomever you want when you run—because it’s just you and the run. And the run doesn’t judge.


You don't have to run fast. You just have to run.


Inspiration: In today’s busy world, things can become so overwhelming—work, relationships, pressure, stress, decisions, you name it! It can be very difficult to find the motivation to embrace a healthy lifestyle, put your runners on, and get outside or to the gym. That’s exactly why we love this quote. It reminds us that it doesn’t matter how proficient of a runner you are—what distance you can go and how fast—as long as you’re making an effort and enjoying yourself, that’s what’s important! 

Why we run: Because it is accessible and achievable by anyone and everyone. It provides such an amazing rush of endorphins, and with every additional kilometre covered comes an awesome sense of accomplishment.


Your body is in better shape than your mind thinks.



Inspiration: This quote inspires me because it’s true. It reminds me to not listen to my brain (which is usually trying to hold me back). Instead it keeps me open to the possibility of achieving more than I realize I’m capable of. 

Why I run: It aligns my body, mind, and soul. 

What’s your favorite running mantra? Share in the comments below!


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How to Drink Whiskey

Brought to you by TINCUP Whiskey How to drink whiskey like a man.

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“I didn’t have time”

This actually means, "it wasn’t important enough." It wasn’t a high priority, fun, distracting, profitable or urgent enough to make it to the top of the list. Every few days, Twitter and Facebook soak up a billion hours of ‘spare’…


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Go the F**k Home

We’ve talked a lot about finding a good work/life balance, and a lot of us find it pretty difficult. Developer/designer Pam Selle disagrees, saying that as long as you remember a few key things, it should be pretty easy to stop working at the end of the day and get back to your life.

Blast from the past is a weekly feature at Lifehacker in which we revive old, but still relevant, posts for your reading and hacking pleasure. This week, we’re re-sharing one of our favorite talks, as a reminder to go the f**k home and enjoy the weekend.

The talk is very short; only about 5 minutes, so I highly recommend you watch it right now. However, if you want the even briefer gist, it’s this:

  • Time is money. When you work extra hours, you’re earning less money for your time.
  • Get off Facebook and get your work done while you’re at work. As we’ve said before, surfing the web at work can help your productivity, but if you’re prone to slacking off more than you are working, you’ve crossed the line from good slacking to bad slacking.
  • If you can’t name two things you’re regularly doing outside of work, you’re spending too much time there.
  • Keep an excuse handy to leave work—whether it’s a night class, an appointment you need to make, or even dogs you need to feed. Find a reason to get out of there at 5.

That may seem a little over simplistic, but the talk’s bluntness is what helps it get its point across. It’s also pretty humorous (though it has some NSFW language, be warned), so check out the video above to see the whole thing. And, if you’re still sitting at work while you’re reading this…go the f**k home.

"Go the F**k Home" – My Ignite Talk | Pam the Webivore via @ginatrapani

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Multi-Cultural Negotiating Styles

Interesting analysis. I work with a lot of non Americans, and it’s helpful to view their actions through a different lens when you’re trying to figure out what the hell they’re talking about. From Richard D Lewis’ book When Cultures Collide.

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